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June 29, 2006


Ever notice how often parents use the words please and thank you only when they are discipling a child -- 'would you Please stop talking. Thank you.'

Bill Baxter

Being from the South we also still say maam and sir as well as thank you and please.

Scott Hornstein

I encourage all my clients to take a deeper look on this issue and challenge what might be a widely held belief. Should testing reveal less than optimal results, take action, don't rely on the "lightning strike" defense.

John Gabris

Too bad this is not an essential element of parenting courses. Although saying; "Please" and "Thank you!" can be taught in seminars, Our Company looks to hire those people that have already learned those essential skills. As a result, we have one of the most successful companies of our type in the region. It also creates a great environment to develop teamwork between co-workers.

Dave Szczepanik

This article talks about what I call 'good biz sense.'

"Please" and "thank you" are contained in every e-mail and conversation I employ.

Always have been and always will be.

David Spengler

Excellent commentary ! We must consistently encourage and coach our staff to be more proactive and apprecitive. The customer is "never" bothering us or taking our time away from our co-worker's "personal problems" with their boyfriend/girlfriend/co-worker/mother/father....etc.

The customer is more tha "right" .... they are why we exist in business.

Scott Hornstein

You are exceedingly welcome!


Thanks for the blog post Scott! :)

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