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And what side of the hair should the person part their hair?

Posted on May 21, 2006

By Dawn Penfold

This is what goes through my mind quite often when I receive a job order from a company and they give me the requirements for an ideal candidate for a meetings position.  In today’s environment, I have noticed that the criteria for hire is focused on the specific niche industry and experience in these industries rather than a general knowledge of meeting management, or that all important “gut” instinct and the willingness to learn.

Financial companies require financial meeting meetings experience, medical and pharma companies want medical or pharma meetings experience, associations want association experience, incentive companies require incentive experience and corporations require corporate experience form Fortune 100 companies.

In today’s work environment, when legal requirements knowledge on certifications, legal liabilities and idiosyncrasies of individual market niches, I understand the need for an experienced person.  But, possibly, is it because there is just not ample time to train and mentor that candidate with great potential.  Will the industry get so inbred with niche planners that out of the box thinking and new ideas will go to the wayside?


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Joan Eisenstodt

Dawn(etta): Loved that you wrote this: >>Will the industry get so inbred with niche planners that out of the box thinking and new ideas will go to the wayside?<<

YES! For years and years and years, I've suggested that in the DC area alone that it would be great for a rotaion of senior planners to happen among the many associations. If one is not exposed to different thinking, doing, and being, nothing changes. Our industry is STUCK .. meetings are "stucker" and need some change. Even attending someone else's meeting is a great experience in differences - and working in a different field, environment, can bring new vision. We need to move differently in hiring and training. But who's gonna start that?

Tony Maiorino

Of course, I agree with both Dawn and Joan, but I would also add that meeting planners need even broader experience than simply meeting planning. If one spends his or her life in one meeting planning niche, be that medical/pharma or financial or any of the myriad other meeting planning areas, there is a certain lack of perspective. For example, life as an association planner by itself does not provide insight into the needs of an industry partner or a supplier. One needs to understand "all three sides" of an issue to achieve the best possible results.

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