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Can We Thwart Hotel Pirates by Creating Incentives?

Posted on May 05, 2006

Planner Peeve   -- Pirates continue to solicit convention attendees and lure them to book hotels that are not part of the group block. This causes attrition and hurts the hotels in the block. What can be done?

It is not rocket science to be able to find hotels at lower rates when booking a room 60 days or fewer before a convention. Most times, anyone could do it.

The difficulty is holding the rooms for many years and getting a fair rate so that attendees are guaranteed to have a place to stay during the meeting. By luring attendees to other hotels, both planners and their hotel partners are damaged. If there were incentives to stay inside the group block, then the threat of ‘pirates ‘would not exist. What can be done to create that incentive? What action has anyone taken to thwart ‘pirates’? Who has a success story?


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Dan Lough -CMP UTU - Cleveland, Ohio

Hi Bruce, I've thought about incentives for keeping people in the room block. How about the chance to win a complimentary room for the length of their stay? You can take one of your standard 1-per-50 contract concessions and give it to one or more of your attendees. Raffle it off.
Take care my friend. ~~~Dan~~>


Also, one suggestion would be to offer then a discount on registration if they stay at contracted hotel. I would also briefly explain to attendees why it is important for them to stay within the block (that it helps to keep conference fees low). Many don't understand how that hurts the organisation.

Thank you.

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