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Dropped calls

Posted on May 23, 2006

By  Dawn Penfold, The Meeting Candidate Network, Inc.

I am a person who has fought the use of cell phones tooth and nail.  The only time I have mine on is when I am traveling or in the car.  I am not someone who enjoys sharing my conversations with people on the train, bus, in a restaurant or on the street.  Realizing that many people have only a cell phone now and not a land line has created the sense of being able to reaching someone 24/7.  I find my self speaking to at least 10-15 candidates a day while they are on their cell phone.  The interview seems to take place in a park, on the street, on the bus.  Calls are dropped in mid interview and mid thought.  There is rarely a clear reception. 

Telephone interviews need to take place in a quiet place, with crystal clear reception and uninterrupted. 

Don’t let your interview sound like this.  Yes, I am very   (static, static) for this position.  Are you there? Can you hear me now?  Sorry about the sirens.  Is this better?  Let me go over here for better reception.  Ok, this is better.  Yes, I’ll have a half caf latte.  So, can you tell me more about the position?  Sorry, I just went into an elevator.  Hello? 


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Joan Eisenstodt

Dawn - I concur on all the issues on which you wrote. The problem is that employed job seekers have little other method by which to have those conversations unless the recruiter or potential employer is willing to talk at "off hours": nights, weekends, even very early in the a.m. It is not Kosher for one to make those calls from the office of a current employer unless permission is granted. How 'bout some suggestions abut how to better handle this?

Dawn Penfold

Joan: It may not be kosher for for one to make interview calls during business hours, but realistically, it needs to be done if a candidate wants to find a new job. Most potential empoyers or recruiters also savor their evening hours and off time and aren't willing to work off hours. Since they are in the drivers seat, they do have the upper hand in this situation. Suggestions? Try calling first thing in the morning or on your lunch break. When scheduling interviews, be prepared to take half days off as a vacation or personal day. For those communicating by email, set up a personal email account and use this address. Professioanally you have to balance what is right for your currrent employer and what is necessary for you to further your career.

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