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Gearing up for some time off and the aftermath

Posted on May 26, 2006

By Dawn Penfold, The Meeting Candidate Network, Inc.

On my last vacation, I was all set for a relaxing week of golf, tubing on a lazy river, sitting on the beach and enjoying great restaurants with my family.  With my clubs, I also had my laptop, my cell phone, emergency hard copies of files and I had called all the hotels that I would be staying at to insure high speed internet access in the rooms and wireless out by the pool.  The flight was delayed and I was thilled that I could work while waiting forthe plane.  I mistakenly went swimming with my cell phone (don't ask) and instead of using the dripping wet and non comunicative cell phone as a sign that I should be getting away from it all, I high-tailed 25 miles to my local phone carrier store to purchase another phone so that I wouldn't miss a call. 

While today's gadgets can free up time and enable us to get away more and not lose touch with the office, they also have become foes.  A study showed that 33 percent of workers say they will be checking with the office while on vacation, according to careerbuilders.com annual survey.  Adding fuel to the fire, 22 percent of workers say their bosses expect them to stay in touch with the office while away, up 16 percent from 2004.

Technology has created a sense of urgency and the opportunity to reach the office and workers 24/7 worldwide. One-in-ten workers check with the office while on vacation.  So much for  relaxing, getting together with family and friends and that all important reason for a vacation in the first place - rejuvenation!  According to this survey, 35 percent say they feel stressed about work even when they are on vacation.

On this note, I am turning my cell phone off, heading for the golf course and wish you all a Happy Memorial Day Weekend.


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