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Hotels could manage walks better

Posted on May 04, 2006

Planner Peeve – Why can’t we planners get advance notice when the hotel decides to “walk” some of their guests? 

It is incredible that this problem has not been adequately resolved considering that it has been occurring since Joseph and Mary were “walked” to a stable! Certainly there will be times when a hotel is short of rooms. (Sometimes it is because the hotel overbooked rooms and sometimes it will occur because guests did not depart on the day promised.)

Regardless of why the situation occurs, few hotels give the planner any warning that there may be a problem. As a result, planners can not pre-determine who among their group are to be walked. Planners are further prevented from ‘incenting ‘ arriving guests to go to the overflow hotels voluntarily. The end results are anger and unhappiness. What can be done to establish an industry standard so that all parties can deal with the problem professionally?


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I've added a clause in the the contract addendum that they must notify me prior to walking our group. I also make sure it is noted in our VIPs reservation tile - DO NOT WALK under any circumstances. If they do not notify me, we receive compensation.

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