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Internet rates are lower than my group rates

Posted on May 02, 2006

Planner Peeve:  The hotel’s posted Internet rates are lower than my group rate.

When you publicize the room rates that you negotiated so hard to get, you expect that your attendees will be happy with your efforts. But, when they find lower rates on the Internet (and sometimes at your hotel’s own site), what you get is criticism and your job could be at risk. Does the hotel have any obligation to protect your group rates through your cut-off dates? Should they inform you in advance if they will be posting lower rates on the Internet? (Note: While many chains have improved in this area, it continues to be a problem.) How does a planner protect against this? Suggested contract language Internet Rates are lower than my group rate


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Note this in the contract - if published rates are lower than contract rate, that hotel will honor the lower published rates. Most hotels will agree to this.

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