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Would You Like to Supersize It?

Posted on May 25, 2006

By Dawn Penfold, The Meeting Candidate Network, Inc.

The other day a candidate called me in desperation (and understadably so) saying that she had been out of work for over a year and she was close to losing her home and sanity.  She couldn't afford her mortgage let along the costs involved in conducting a job search. 

Me,  being too brutally honest at times said "McDonalds is hiring".  As I listened to the long silence on the other end of the phone, I realized that perhaps I should have made my point in a more gentile way.  The point I was making  -  there is work out there, perhaps not in the field of your choice, but there is work to cover your expenses in the crucial times.  The point I was making -  consider temping, working for the local CVB, database work, yes, even flipping burgers and asking people if they wish to supersize their meal,  to cover their basic expenses, mortgage/rent, food. clothing and utilities.

I know of one colleague who worked in a drugstore in the evening, leaving the days open for interviews.  Was it professionally challenging?  Not at all.  Did it put food on the table. Yes.  Did it give this person a sense of purpose?  In the most basic sense, yes.  Ironically, this person became familiar with the system of the chain drugstore and eventually went to work for the management team.  Hmmm, you never know.


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LOL! Wait, so am i understanding this correctly? A potential client, or solution to a client's need, came to you and you told them 'McDonald's was hiring?? As Homer Simpson would say, "DOH!"

But you make a good point all the same...food must go on the table, and it really doesn't matter how you get it there as long as it is legal. Sometimes you simply have to buy time.

I think it gives comfort to potential employers too, that you are willing to get your hands dirty, understand the priorities, and manage well during difficult and stressful times. People who wade right in and provide solutions to problems - not merely complain about them - don't grow on every tree, and are regarded as valuable assets to any company.

And there's no solution to cash flow problems like a paycheck, regardless of its origin!

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