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Athletic Supporter

Posted on June 15, 2006

There's an axiom that suggests that many a wise man looses some of their sensibilities when they catch a whiff of a well used athletic supporter.  To be sure, having a revered athlete make an appearance and presentation can produce a significant desired impact on a meeting... if he or she is right. 

I've observed more then a few selection processes erode when the prospect of an athlete was being considered.  The list of criteria and quality standards can get pushed aside, as the allure gets in the way of clear thinking.

As groups and their interests grow more diverse, the odds increase that a lower proportion of your group will share an acute interest.  Listen closely for the soft voice, as it's hard to hear amid fanatic bluster.

Critical is that the chosen athlete (or any celebrity) be able to deliver a professional presentation which satisfies both the fan and non-fan alike.  Take extra care here to maintain a disciplined adherence to meeting objectives and the standards in place for the speakers you engage.


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