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Silence Can Be Golden

Posted on June 13, 2006

By Brian Palmer

Regularly customers ask questions related to the potential to secure a speaker for less then their quoted price.  This is a reasonable question and since there are no pricing rules it’s hard to know how “good” a quoted price might be. It’s my experience that there’s a positive correlation between the stability of a speaker's price and the quality and professionalism of their presentation. Though it might help your budget if a speaker quotes $5000 and for no sustentative reason he say’s he’ll do it for $2000 I’d be concerned.

None the less one often needs to ask so here is an idea that I think will significantly improve the odds securing a speaker for less then their quoted fee.  Rather then ask if someone will do it for less make a definite offer with all the details… and then (this is very important) be quiet. Be prepared as it might be uncomfortable but doing this and the silence might end up being golden.


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Joan Eisenstodt

So why is it that people will balk a bit about paying high guestroom rates but balk LOTS about speaker/facilitator/trainer fees? If people are attending meetings to learn and a speaker can bring more ROI, isn't it worth it? If one divides the number of participants into the fee and then adds in long-term value, isn't it worth it to have someone good? Then of course there are the speakers who charge a whole body (v. an arm and a leg), sometimes bec. they can and bec. they don't wanna do so many speaking gigs.

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