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Is Breakfast Breaking Your Budget?

Posted on July 17, 2006

By Arlene Sheff

To those of you who haven’t decided to add protein at breakfast, have you heard complaints? Is it a budget issue? Is it a time issue? Or, is it something you just haven’t thought about?

Breakfast is costing you more than it used to, if you’ve switched from serving a basic continental breakfast to a breakfast that includes protein.

Protein in the morning keeps your attendees alert and awake, at least through the morning. Where is the protein in coffee, juice, fruit or Danish/bagels? You’re right, there isn’t any.

Here’s a great way to add protein to your breakfast without breaking your budget.

If the menu states:
#1 - Basic continental breakfast (coffee, juice, fruit, and Danish/bagels) - $16
#2 – Basic continental breakfast above with yogurt and individual cereals - $19

TO SAVE $$$: Instead of ordering #2, just to serve protein, order the #1 continental breakfast and add on yogurt and individual cereals ‘on consumption’ (which means you are charged for the yogurt (individual cartons) and cereal that is consumed.) That way, you don’t have to pay the additional amount for EVERYONE.

NOTE: A side order of hard boiled eggs also is a good addition – at a price tag of between $1 to $2 per egg. NON-shelled eggs don’t smell. Even a platter of thin cheese slices (about 1 inch square) goes over well.

Let me know what you’re doing to add protein to your breakfasts…


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