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Lonely Business Owner Looking for Partnership

Posted on July 31, 2006

By Daphne J. Meyers

This week, I am going to discuss partnerships and how they can help any business succeed.  I will explore (through my own journey) the different types of partnerships you might encounter and decide what might work best for you.  I will focus on my experiences as a relatively new business owner, but many of my experiences are not exclusive to small, new businesses.  I hope you will stick with me this week as the story unfolds!

The other slant that will come through this week is women as business owners.  This is not a slight to men in anyway.  It is the only slant I know – female, small business owner.  I do know that I’m not alone in this venture - according to Forbes, (6/27/06) “women’s companies now employ more people than America’s largest 500 companies combined…and women now own 46% of the private businesses in the U.S.”  I believe this is a major market shift in how businesses will be managed in the future.  As with any major shift in “players” it causes major shifts in how business gets done.  I think more strategic partnerships are going to be just one outcropping of this trend.

All about me - I started my business, Red Barn Group, in January 2005.  I was a recent refuge of corporate America (Microsoft – the big M as one of my partners calls it), and still consider myself a recovering corporate planner.  You really never recover – just always in the process.  Not long after I started my own business, I made contact with some acquaintances that were in a similar position in their own business.  Both lucky timing and strategic planning have resulted in the formation of a partnership called The Mavens Network.  It is that Mavens’ story from its starts as a hallway conversation to serving actual clients that tells the story best.  Forging partnerships is a process and a journey – I’m going to share the highlights of this one with you in the spirit of Bridget Jones looking for love!

A Maven’s Diary

Dear Diary –

January 2005 - I am feeling really alone today.  I’ve only escaped the corporate world by a few months to do this “thing” called running my own business.  I find myself overwhelmed with things to do that aren’t fun, like bookkeeping, invoicing and booking my travel and no time to chase down those fun leads.  I also keep wondering when someone will figure out I have no idea on how to run a business.  I am pretty sure the government agency that issued my business license is going to show up any minute and take it away.  I’m sure they will figure out that what I’m doing is only a poorly veiled attempt to write off my addiction to office supplies.
Next week, I will be in San Diego for a conference.  I can only hope that being among my own “kind” will assure me that I’m not just playing office!

Here is my list of things that I want to accomplish this year:

-          clean off my desk
-          renew some contact with people I haven’t seen in awhile
-          be able to describe my business in less than 15 minutes (goal: is 2 at most)
-          find assurance that NOT going back to the “grind” is the right thing for me
-          meet someone in San Diego that tells me that I’m not crazy!

Now, I’m off to find green colored paper-clips to round out my collection

XX00 – Daphne


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I just love your humor!

Paula Brown

Daphne, everyone in our CMM class knew you would be successful! You are an outstanding example of a true professional.

Esther Githaiga

We are willing to partner with someone willing to join in the world of women and children.orphans and widows. All are welcome

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looking for a parthnership in usa, for someone who can help build the company i have already build, the company is facing problems like need to take international contracts, just to name a few


I am looking an investing partner to buy a land and and build a banquet hall

Family Limited Partnership

I can't believe people are looking for partners on a blog. How are you going to be able to find someone you know you can trust? Scammers abound when looking for a good solid business partnership...you really need to take the time to get to know someone before entering into this sort of thing...

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