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Posted on August 04, 2006

Sadly, this is my last entry as a MiGuru and it has been great fun!  I hope that my/our journey provides some food for thought and even gets a few of you in the dating market!  Like all things, if it is of any value, it is a lot of work!  It does pay off many times over.

Feel free to post here, I frequent the MiForum or contact me at [email protected].  I would love to hear your insights!

Maven Diary

Dear Diary – Again, much to report.  We have had a struggle for a few months.  We have all been really busy with our “other” businesses and lots of personal situations to distract us from the Mavens Mission.  Each of us has had our doubts about making this work – can we give it the time it needs, the attention.  We’ve all asked the question of ourselves and of each other.  After much soul searching, one of us had to bow out.  She just didn’t want to keep saying she was committed to this, but couldn’t give it any of her time or energy.  We were all very sad, she remains our dear friend, but we also respect her honest and truthfulness.  She cheers us on from the sidelines, and we are grateful for her support. 

A very wise leadership expert I know (and good friend) assures me that this is good and NORMAL.  All really good teams have to go through this very stormy period that usually follows that honeymoon period.  If you weather the storm, you are stronger because of it!  I think this is definitely true – even if I didn’t feel that way at the time.

Here are the key things that we have done to make this relationship work in the long run:

1)       We all view our Maven thing as a part of overall business plan – like a good marriage, it can’t be a hobby, or something you work on when you have time.  It has to be always part of your daily responsibilities. 

2)       We forgive the minor stuff – we all know we will trip up, make mistakes and irritate one another.  However, as long as we operate from a position of respect, we can make it through. 

3)       Be accountable and forthcoming – if you are going to be late…call!  Just as a partner in love likes to know what is going on with you, we like to know what our business partners are doing.  If they are having a tough time, a struggle or a triumph, we share these with each other.  It keeps us all on an even playing field.

4)       Keep the fantasies alive – we still spend a lot of time talking about the Maven dream.  We talk about what needs to get done, but then also that far off vision of what might come of our activities.  I think this keeps us fresh and motivated.

Where we are at now?  We are going forth into the world together.  We have declared ourselves and what to talk about what we are doing.  We have even done a one-day event that we constructed the content!  It was so fun, rewarding and affirming that we were on the right path! 

What comes next…who knows?  Can any relationship tell the future of what will happen?  You can lay a good foundation, have a plan to take you into the future, but nothing is assured.  All we know is that we have made a commitment to make it work!  Can’t wait to celebrate our anniversaries!

Stay tuned Diary! 




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Well I don't think anyone could have described our saga in quite the same way -- funny yet eloquent. You really nailed it.
And yes, this is another of the Mavens, usually I'm the Marketing Maven.
It's a journey and one that's full of surprises. I couldn't ask for better companions along the way.

Thanks Daphne for the walk down memory lane.


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