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APEX - That Thing

Posted on August 14, 2006

Recently, the Convention Industry Council did some market research to determine the level of awareness about APEX. It seems that many people in the meeting industry are aware of APEX, but when those people were asked to describe what APEX is, the most common response was, “its that thing”.

I really couldn’t ask for a better opportunity to explain what that thing is!

APEX is...The Accepted Practices Exchange. APEX is an initiative of the Convention Industry Council. It has brought together stakeholders from every segment of the meeting industry to develop and implement industry-wide accepted practices that will create and enhance efficiencies.

Some of the results of accepted practices implementation are:
· Time & Cost Savings
· Eased Communication and Sharing of Data
· Enhanced Customer Service
· Streamlined Systems and Processes
· Less Duplication of Effort and Increased Operational Efficiencies
· Better Educated, More Professional Employees

In short, accepted practices will make the industry more efficient, freeing up valuable time to devote collaborative energies to broader, more strategic industry issues. Can you imagine what you would do with more time to think creatively, less repetitive work to complete, and better relationships with your customers and suppliers?

How can we not love a thing that does all that?? Well, I know that some readers of this blog may not agree that its all that, or maybe you didn't realize what the thing was supposed to accomplish, but I'm hoping that this description might shed a little light.


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