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APEX - What's in it for you?

Posted on August 16, 2006

There are a lot of questions about what value APEX holds for the meeting industry. The short answer is that it will save both planners and suppliers incalculable time, which will allow them to spend time on other more important responsibilities and/or save money because they don’t have to hire extra people to do the repetitious work.

The longer answers are specific to each segment within the industry, so I’d like to share some of the WIIFMs (what’s in it for me) that have been identified by people working in those segments. Today, we’ll start with the benefits from the perspective of the planner and the organizations that employ them:

What’s In It For Planners:
- Demonstration of professionalism & knowledge which can lead to better potential for raises, promotions, and credibility within the company while demonstrating strategic value, not just tactical application
- It is easier to “learn the ropes” within the industry
- Looks good on your resume
- Saves time
- Allows you to spend your time on things like creativity, marketing and strategic thinking
- Consistent information allows for better site selection decision-making by comparing apples to apples, especially in the site profile and RFP areas
- Time is spent with sales people who fit with your business needs

What’s In It For Planners’ Companies & Organizations:
- Standardization within company, particularly if the planning function is decentralized
- Resource savings (e.g. planner time, head count, etc.)
- Quicker, more consistent personnel training
- Consistency in forms and processes will be more likely to protect company because there will be less room for gray areas
- Standardization of the PER helps in defining and tracking ROI
- Benefits attendees by having accurate information on them and a focus on the reason for attending.


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