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APEX - What's in it for Suppliers?

Posted on August 17, 2006

Yesterday, I listed some benefits of APEX for planners and their organizations. Today, let’s talk about how APEX benefits suppliers:

What’s In It For Hotels & Other Housing Facilities:
- Most service delivery issues occur because information was not shared, or it was communicated in an unacceptable format. Use of standard event specifications will help customers focus their requirements around the information that you require so that you can deliver a zero-defect experience
- Customers often make decisions based on incomplete information about your hotel. They may not know all the questions they need to ask, resulting in much back & forth prior to presenting a proposal. By completing and keeping current your property’s site profile you will be open to capturing more opportunities (leads) for your hotel, keeping your sales force focused on moving business opportunities from inquiry to tentative to confirmed
- Much time is spent currently collecting information of what the customer needs, in terms of specific requirements rather than understanding what could help you make the sale. By having planners use a comprehensive, consistent RFP, you will better understand the opportunity and make specific recommendations for dates, meeting rooms, and F&B activities which will help you become a consultative sales professional rather than just a processor of dates, rates, and space
- A critical component of sound business evaluation is usually based on three years of historical information. The current state is this information is time consuming to retrieve, and once received so inconsistent that it makes year-to-year comparison rather dangerous. By adopting a standard PER, you can make sound business decisions based on accurate and consistent information, in a fraction of the time.

What’s In It For CVBs and CVB Sales Professionals:
- Accurate updated information will create professionalism in the selling process for future business
- Greater credibility of leads to hotels will provide better member value and demonstrate professionalism
- Time-savings for sales managers (from not having to chase down past history from other cities and hoteliers) leads to better productivity
- When the PER system is in place and hotels “get it,” it will be an easier process for all sales managers to get the room blocks clients need. And, it will be an easier process to get actual numbers on pick up once a group leaves the city
- Housing process should be easier and smoother as databases exchange information, creating a better flow from hotel to client which leads to cost savings in terms of time and manpower
- Terminology is a great tool for new sales managers to be consistent and professional when talking to clients
- Accurate information on clients saves time when setting up sales calls/blitzes. It also demonstrates professionalism and knowledge when sitting across from a client
- Standardization of processes within a bureau’s staff
- Minimization of error
- Allows for faster response to leads
- Capture true economic impact picture for all shows, including “home” shows


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Joan Eisenstodt

Terri - thanks for this. I hope all suppliers and planners who read this send copies to GMs and even more importantly to owners. We've all got to be on board to make this industry smarter! Joan


..ohh! thus are great! I read that the US territories like Puerto Rico were not counted.

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