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Horror in the Trenches! The Selection

Posted on August 10, 2006

There are many companies that profess to provide the service that Stephanie has been looking for, but what steps can be taken to help decide who to entrust with your meetings?

Stephanie considers the following items as she continues her search:

1)     Company history; How long have they been in business?  How large an organization are they? Proven track record within her industry?

2)     References;  Are they willing to provide?  What do they say?  Are they credible company references?

3)     Services; Do they provide the services she needs?  All/Some?  Do their services compete with hers?  Can she pilot their services prior to contract?  Do they have a service guarantee?

4)     Contractual Terms & Conditions;  Can she preview a contract before signing?  What are the payment terms?  Is there a liberal or stringent cancellation policy? Do they offer volume discounts or rebates?

5)     Management; Can she speak with the company’s upper management?  Do they understand her needs and industry?

6)     Technology; Do they make efficient use of technology? 

7)     Reporting; What is their communication plan for feedback?  What information will she need them to provide?

8)     Competitor differentiation; How are they distinctive from other companies?  How do they benchmark against other companies?

9)     Professionalism; Do they have a website?  Printed materials?  Support staff?  Professional appearance?

10)  Geography; Can they be where she needs them to be?

Certainly there are many details that go into selecting a viable partner and these are just a few to consider. 

What criteria do you use when you are looking for a vendor, especially someone that is going to be working so closely with you inside your organization?


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