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Horror in the Trenches! The End

Posted on August 11, 2006

The problem has been identified, the solutions researched, decisions made and a vendor selected.  It would seem that Stephanie has done her due diligence and made decisions that are appropriate for her department and organization.  Kudos to Stephanie!  Now she can sit back and relax……NOT!  The last step in many ways is the most important and that is managing the vendor relationship!  There are still many things to do to begin and continue a valued partnership, the cornerstone being communication. 

All of the decision models and research don’t mean a thing if you can’t communicate with your vendors efficiently.  Problems will definitely arise and what systems are in place to deal with those.  The temp you brought in just isn’t working out, what steps are taken to get a replacement?  You thought you were to be billed monthly and the company expected to pay the temp weekly.  How often does the vendor “check in” to see how things are going?  What is the plan to reduce the number of temps as you get more of your own staff hired and trained? 

Often times this outside set of eyes you have brought in can see things in your department you are too close to see.  Certainly this is feedback you’d like to have and if the only dialogue is between the temp and their placement organization it is feedback you won’t get.  You also need to have an idea of what outcomes or measures you need to have in place to track whether your needs are being met, from a work flow and a financial standpoint.  If you are repeatedly having to replace temporary staff you haven’t help yourself from an efficiency standpoint.  Have a plan and measure it.

Thank you for your attention this week!  It has been my pleasure to relate my experience, and best of luck with your staffing needs!


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