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Posted on August 03, 2006

Do you have partnering stories to share?  It would be great to hear both your positive and negative experiences…what you have learned or wish you would have already known.


Maven Diary

Dear Diary – It has been awhile since I chatted with you.  It has been so crazy and all such a good crazy.  My business is really taking off with good clients!  However, there has been another huge development.  It turns out that I didn’t have a hallway stand in San Diego, and I think this is becoming more than a passing crush.

Let me give you a brief rundown of what has transpired –

One of the individuals I met in San Diego really grabbed a hold of the concepts we discussed in the hallway and is cajoling the rest of us to do something!  She has spoken with each of us individually and coordinated a few group calls.  It really does feel like a new love affair.  We are all passionate about all we can do, how we should do it, and all those other “big ideas”. 

Here are a couple things that I would consider evidence that we have evolved from a casual dating phase to serious dating.

1)       We have a weekly call that we all participate in – we talk through issues, what needs to get done, work out what we want to do

2)       We have decided “what type” of partnership we wanted.  We think the way for us is to have it be a more formal partnership, but leave time for our own businesses.  We think this will give us the best of both worlds. 

3)       We decided to give ourselves a name to identify that this is something different than our own businesses, as well as, a formal group not a lose alliance.  It gives us something to call ours.  We have decided on The Mavens Network.  Maven – a person who has special knowledge or experience and seeks to pass her knowledge on to others

4)       We are giving each other pet names – Marketing Maven, Task Master Maven, Money Maven.  We also tease each other – Mystified Maven, Grumpy Maven and then the like

5)       We are planning a trip together!  We are going to get together in Las Vegas to have a retreat to discuss our strategy and bond! 

Next entry will give updates on Vegas.  It is truly exciting to have all this going on!




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