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IS THIS THE ONE? Or did I just have a one hallway stand?

Posted on August 01, 2006
By Daphne J. Meyers

Maven Diary

Dear Diary – Is it possible? Could this be it?  It happened so fast!

I’m really enjoying my time here in San Diego and have run into a lot of people I know.  I have listened to many sessions and individuals, and I am taking comfort in that if I’m crazy to be in this business, I’m not alone!  I also got to talk to a number of business owners who I respect so much.  They give me lots to aspire to!

The most exciting thing happened today!  I ran into two friends that I had met at prior events.  We started our conversation with the regular, “what are you up to these days?”  As we talked, we realized we were all in similar spots in our business.  Just getting something started, but feeling overwhelmed with all the opportunities that faced us and our lack of ability to respond to them.  We also began talking about some of ailments we were seeing in our industry.  Someone made the comment, “wouldn’t it be cool is some smart people got together to do something about these issues?”  Pretty soon we were all nodding…what if we took a handful of individuals, all in the infant stages of their own businesses, but experts in what they do, and “pooled” that knowledge and used it for good.  They could offer practical, usable information for the industry, but also to business people. 

I haven’t been so giddy since I went on a first date – my husband of 12 years is glad that was MANY years ago!  It all felt right – the people involved, the ideas, the concept, the passion -- and I was humbled by the intellect they brought to just this individual conversation. 

Here are my fears – like any first date – will they call? will anything else happen? did they really like me, or were they just being nice? was I good enough for another date?  was this just a one hallway stand?  Oh – I hope not, but how do you tell? 

Oooooooooh – I hope the phone rings…

XXOO – Daphne


Been there? Done that? Had the walk of shame as see this person at another event and there was been no contact?  I answer – yes, yes, yes.

As I chronicle my story this week, I think about a lot of coulda beens.  I am feeling very lucky that I know this story has a very happy ending that we will get to.  Stay tuned to this channel for more saga!

In the spirit of learning…I am also including a few great articles on finding the right partner.  As you see, my analogy is not original to me.  Romantic relationships are very often compared to partnerships.

How do I find a business partner?

From: Inc.com | April 2001 By: Paul and Sarah Edwards

Should You Partner Up When It Comes to Business?

7 questions to ask yourself when considering a partnership
From: Inc.com, June 20, 2005  By Paige Arnof-Fenn

Also, here is a link to the article I quoted yesterday.  Forbes


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The Husband

It's only been 12 years... ;) In all actuality, I'm not 'glad' it was SO many years ago. The early years in any relationship are exciting - so much learning and growing. I'm fortunately enough to have met a phenomenal teacher/leader/partner and having to share her with the rest of the CMM world is often hard. Hopefully everyone else finds a partner as wonderful as mine!

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