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New Revenue Streams From Post Meeting Services

Posted on September 08, 2006

By Cal Wick

Up to now, the revenue stream to the Meeting Industry ends when the attendees walkout the door and head home.  Imagine the potential value created for the industry and its clients if we applied our skills and production abilities to help them put what they learned to work back on the job.

Our reach could be extended in these ways:

1. A Concierge service to help participants find and use the information, contacts, and connections that they made during the conference.

2. In addition to travel services to get people to the meeting, create the services of a Results Agent who would help attendees prepare an itinerary of the steps they need to navigate if they are to turn their great learning into workplace results.

3. Offer a virtual set of tools that remind, encourage, and support attendees in turning their learning and experience into improved performance.  These tools should be baked into the design of the meeting and the expectation for action set by the sponsor.  That way, the client’s would get greater return and the revenue from the meeting would continue after people returned home.

We have developed and used such systems to great effect across a wide variety of training programs and meetings with learning components.

What other ideas do you have about new approaches that could be used to turn a great meeting into business results and, at the same time, extend the revenue stream?


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