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The 4 B’s of Negotiating

Posted on September 12, 2006

By Bill Heaney

Negotiating in the hotel and meeting planning business is like change, constant and on-going.  There are many sophisticated negotiation trainings and even advanced negotiation training.

But for me, it is the 4B’s...

    Be Prepared

    Be Attentive

    Be Thorough

    Be Yourself


Before beginning any interaction, you PREPARE with what the objectives are, what specifically is needed to accomplish the objectives, and already there is anticipation of items that will be issues of negotiation. Knowledge is power.  Use it to make the job easier.


Everyone likes attention and when interacting, particularly in negotiating, giving one’s undivided and genuine attention is a must. Of course, being ATTENTIVE also prevents you from missing anything that comes up.


By being attentive, you will also be THOROUGH. This is important because going back and forth, again and again, can be mitigated by being extra thorough from the beginning. Use tools and repeat items of discussion, and it will make it easier and clearer.


Be YOURSELF.  There really isn't any other role that you are expected to play. Unfortunately, preconceived notions of expected actions are common and we have all recognized them being put to use. Others quickly see when you are not in your role and it slows the process. When you are you, there will be straightforward and productive interaction.


Enjoy the 4B’s!


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