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10 Ways Trade Show Exhibitors Can Help Themselves Justify the Expense

Posted on October 23, 2006

By Peter LoCascio

1. Timely planning. Trade show planning should be accomplished within a relaxed, well managed time frame.

2. Clear goals and objectives. There is little chance that an exhibitor will find success on the trade show floor without a plan backed by their management.

3. Sufficient exhibit space.  Having what is needed to effectively present product, process sales leads, and confer with prospects is critical.

4. Exhibit design and production. An exhibit needs to tell prospects who you are, where the products are, and who to talk to.

5. Top management support.  Top management must make a concerted effort at demonstrating a commitment to the exhibit function.

6. Exhibit personnel.  Top sales and technical people must be invited to represent the company at trade shows.

7. Dynamic product presentation. Exhibits cannot fall short in delivering prospects who are motivated to consider products displayed.

8. Prospect follow-up. Information requested by a prospect must be delivered within 5 working days of the show.

9. Experienced trade show exhibit management.  Trade shows demand dedicated, trained, and professional exhibit managers.

10. Conducting post-show evaluations. Post-show follow-up sessions are essential and should be staged within one week of the show.

Peter LoCascio, President, Trade Show Consultants has over 35 years of experience implementing trade show sales goals and reaching them.



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Candy Adams, CTSM, CME, CEM, CMP, CMM

With 9 of the 10 points being positives, I was confused when I read #9: "In-experienced trade shows exhibit management" which I don't look at a positive. An inexperienced exhibit manager can SINK a show! Exhibit management is about 1/2 art and 1/2 science...

Kare Anderson

I heartily agree with Candy's comment. After speaking to exhibitors at over 200 conferences with tradeshows where I spoke, same-day to attendees
(on "Becoming Their Top-of-Mind Choice") I wrote "26 Ways to Move More Prospects Closer to Buying" that's been widely published. Be happy to share it with you at www.sayitbetter.com

Harris Schanhaut

Point number two is critical and should be taken to a deeper level. First determine what it is your key internal stakeholder want to acheive from their investment in the show. See if their expectations are realists and agree on methods of measurement before the event begins. If you are dealing with only one stakeholder, design your presence around their goals. Once completed, report back to them in their terms how well you did and what can be done better next time.

rob carey

Number 9 should read: "Experienced trade show exhibit management." It was an editing error on my part. The rest of the tip makes the case for the experienced person, though.

steve M

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Alex Bell.



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