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How to logo items tastefully so that people actually keep and use the gifts

Posted on November 13, 2006

By Simone Esposito

Our first corporate client placed a large order of one of the best sport jackets we have in our collection. "Great choice!", we immediately said. There was a big BUT…."How are we going to personalize it?!?". The jacket was meant for a sport event organized by this big Financial Institution and in particular for their top Directors and Managers. I remember that this issue has been object of detailed discussions and an incredible amount of emails between us and the client. Personalizing the items is the basis in order to meet our client's taste.

There are so many details involved in this process, such as corporate colors, size of the logo, positioning… It all can be done by using different techniques such as distinctive signature labels or flawless embroidery (in this last case I always suggest the ton sur ton option, by using the same color of the garment. The final result would be absolutely tasteful, "custom made" but not too intrusive). Alternatively each item can be tagged with a special label indicating important dates, names, places or initials.

Creating hanging booklets to commemorate an occasion or describe the special features of the product is also another interesting but most of all tasteful way to personalize the gifts. I believe it is extremely important to offer a variety of possibilities but do not forget that same rules cannot be applied to different typologies of items. It all depends by the nature of the gift itself. Our first client opted then for a big logo embroided on the left chest of the jacket. It was a big success BUT…after the event everybody tried to find a way to cover the embroidery in order to wear that beautiful jacket.

The same client is now asking exclusively for personalized labels and hanging booklets.


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