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Six Ways For Meeting Planners To Avoid the Most Common Teambuilding Traps

Posted on November 07, 2006

By Brian Kathenes

Understand that the concept of ‘team’ is different for everyone.  This will save you many hours of aggravation and frustration.  Find out what the perception of “team” is in your organization.

Think objectively. You’re the manager!  What you do you want the people in your organization to know or discover about the power of ‘team?”

Plan!Plan! Plan!  Know where you want it to go.  Develop the entire program before you tack up the first “go Team” poster on the bulletin board. Changing the course of you team building ship once has sailed very difficult and expensive.

Do your homework.  Become a team development expert (or find someone who is).   Read the books.  Cut out the articles. Understand the process.

Separate stuff from fluff.  Check the credentials and experience of all your outside trainers and consultants. Many have never held a position in industry and do not have the slightest idea of the problems and challenges of corporate politics.

Set up a program that rewards the ‘team’ approach.  Your firm’s bonus, compensation, and perk system must reward the right results and reinforce positive team behaviors.


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Eldred Stenzel

Congratulations, I have been slowed down by a series of Hospital stays (4) since August. I am doing okay at present. At 86 it is about time. My best. El

Brian Kathenes

Hi El,

Glad you are on the mend. We enjoyed some great times on our many team appraisal engagements with te Nerw Jersey Chapter


Brian Kathenes

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Take look.

Best, Brian

Team Building Scavenger Hunts

Those are some great tips. I think you would have to understand your co-workers/employees well before you start doing team building exercises.

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