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Which gifts are hot amongst corporate groups these days, in a few different price ranges

Posted on November 14, 2006

By Simone Esposito

Now a days people are bored to death of receiving the usual pens, paper weights and silver plated picture frames. Either for small give aways or for the top high end gifts, we want "something different….something new"!

This is what my clients tell me as soon as we meet up. Story of my life! That is why it seems everybody is kind of surprised (in a nice way, of course!) that a luxury company such as Loro Piana has started a Corporate Gifting Division.

I personally believe there is a gap to fill. Very few luxury companies in fact operates also in this niche market. So, question is: how do we diversify and how do we create something "hot" and "new"?

First step is to follow the philosophy of the brand without going too far from it. Respecting the roots and the image of the company. Clients will appreciate that. Especially if they are already clients of that particular brand.

I believe that a range of items entirely dedicated to traveling is definitely a great starting point. Everybody likes traveling, especially business men who spend most of their time in airports or private jets.

So why not creating a range of items and make their business trips more pleasant?!

I am talking leather travel sets, cashmere blankets, travel pillows, fun and tasteful key-rings in leather.

Point is….let's make it really exclusive by using the best materials (cashmere, anti-scratch leather, suede…) and by customizing everything in a fun but discreet way (see my previous article).

Sometime then the "same old" key-ring, for example, can be re-vitalized by using new materials, innovative design or by making it original (i.e. reproducing the logo of the company in leather and using the corporate colors of the company).

But in the end I believe there is nothing better than a gift that you can really use.

It can be something small such as a leather address book or a journal. It can be a beautiful wind-braker jacket for the sport events (golf retreats rule!). It can be a wonderful and soft cashmere blanket to wrap yourself in a cold night in front of the fire. Or something really innovative like a luxurious Travel Game (chess and backgammon)….everybody would love that!


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here are some great backgammon travel games http://astore.amazon.com/backgammon-20/002-6720402-8603210?%5Fencoding=UTF8&node=8

would make really nice gifts as you say


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