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Credibility is Everything

Posted on November 03, 2006

During my sophomore year of college I fell in love with communications. My very first class was Broadcast News Writing. It was an intriguing subject that was far more interesting than my first major – accounting. My professor was brilliant and his work experience was inspiring. He was a man of great character and his passion for trustworthiness in news made me fall in love with the profession.

Local and national news is all about storytelling. It’s about communicating information to an audience. Simply, it’s a presentation.

Aristotle taught about three presentation components: pathos, logos, and ethos. Pathos refers to the ability of the speaker to win over an audience with emotions. Logos refers to winning the audience with evidence, and most important - ethos refers to one’s personal credibility and virtues. It’s about winning an audience through trust.

Building trust wins people. Winning people delivers results.

Look for credibility in every speaker you interact with from this day forward.


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