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Connecting with Xers After the Meeting

Posted on January 11, 2007

By Ann Fishman

Here’s another Gen X characteristic.  And, it’s one that will pay off in the long run.

Xers value a sense of belonging … a sense of family … which was missing in their childhood.

Xers would appreciate the fact that an organization wants to connect with them for more than just their entrance fees or as potential business prospects.  Successful meetings and conferences help attendees move ahead.  How can a meeting planner help a client continue to do this - after the event is over?

Simply suggest to the client to keep in touch with the attendees.  Usually, attendees have to fill out questionnaires about what they liked most about the conference.  Picking one or two hot topics and arranging with the "hot topic" speakers to provide quarterly tips that can be posted on the client's web site is one way.

Another way - the meeting planner can ask early registrants if they have special concerns [they can just email them to you] which will enable the meeting planner to see if the meeting will meet the younger audience's needs or if the meeting needs to be tweaked a little.  Taking that extra step with Xers can make a big difference.

Any other thoughts out there?


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Kelly Rush

Taking it all in, and I'm sorry I missed checking in during your week to share comments.
This isn't just about meetings and meeting content, but a new paradigm for the way employers also manage and retain Gen Xers. Many Xers (myself included) are looking for employers who show that their employees also belong and that there's a sense of caring about their needs, both career-wise, and personally.
In a recent staff meeting, my department director brought in the director of conference sales, with the understanding, rightfully so, that since our service is what these folks are selling, we should know who the sales people are, so we feel more connected to work for *them*.
It's amazing how the perspective of my servers has changed since that meeting.

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