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Gen X's Need for the New

Posted on January 10, 2007

By Ann Fishman

Today, let’s look at another Gen X characteristic.  Think about ways you can apply this characteristic to your next meeting or conference.

Xers are influenced by their need for new experiences.

This generation has always looked beyond the NOW to the NEW.  Bus trips to see the local sights don’t cut it.  Remember, this is the generation that went beyond bungee jumping to invent their own extreme sports, like extreme skiing or in-line skating.

So, Xers appreciate something different.  And, they expect you to develop social options that fit their unique interests.  This generation wants to have fun … their way.  That can mean something as big as an interesting destination or something as small as incorporating local cuisine into your menus. 

This generation even looks backward to find "something new." A bar with a big-screen TV, soft furniture, a pool table or pinball machines might be nice.  Bingo games with GREAT PRIZES are appearing at some of the Xer clubs and Irish pubs with their dartboards are a real hit.  Some clubs offer "lock and key" night where the guys are given keys and the women locks and you have a certain amount of time to find a fit.  You meet a lot of people along the way and you get a prize if you find a fit within the time frame.  It’s a walk on the wild side (not really…), but you get the idea of trying something new. 

The new, popular and "in" hotels that Xers like always have great bars that are not pick-up places, but make it fun to mix and mingle or just watch the passing parade.

Any ideas out there from Xers about new experiences that would be fun at a meeting during free time?


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