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Get Vision

Posted on January 05, 2007

By Gail Rae

If seeing is believing, vision enhances conference value. So, consider a creative visioning session, starting with the most effective meeting you can imagine; motivating, energizing, and offering long term support for everyday issues. Consider all aspects of development:
• Cognitive
   o New knowledge
   o Integrate new knowledge with old, or current practices
   o Overcome obstacles, reassess priorities, collaborate
• Emotional
   o Attitudinal change, energy support
• Spiritual
   o Develop, confirm, change belief systems
• Behavioral (Skills and Actions)
   o Implementation – application to work or vocation
• Social

There is usually some of each aspect of development that needs to be addressed to effect change. Be thorough and you will be amazed at how effective you can be.


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Blake Mitchell

There are other factors that can help make a meeting more productive. The place where the meeting is held can be considered one of the vital factors. Make sure that your meeting room has a conducive atmosphere.

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