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Latin America: Gracias Por La Visita

Posted on January 26, 2007

By Eli Gorin

I hope the information I was able to pass on regarding Latin America has given people some insight as to what the region is about and what can be expected from hosting groups in the various countries.  I know that one week and five short blog postings doesn't do justice to the myriad of information one can give to truly show the grandeur of our neighbors down south.

Just to recap a few points from this week:

  • Don't be afraid to consider something new, no matter how foreign it may be to you (that pun was absolutely intended)
  • Remember, Latin America is only a short (or potentially long, but somewhat equidistant to Europe) flight away
  • If you do not remember the few words of Spanish you may have learned back in high school, it's okay... English is quite common (and no, adding -O to the end of a word in English does not make is Spanish)
  • Latin American business relationships are about just that... relationships.  Keeps your friends close... keep your CSM's closer.
  • And finally... when in doubt... don't be... you have made a great decision in heading south for your meetings and events!

Thanks for reading and if you are in need of more information or have questions, feel free to contact me at eli@gmeetings.net or 305-735-8375.



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Thanks for helping all of us who represent Latin America showcase the beauty and benefits of this area! Latin America is truly an "undiscovered" destination for US Planners. Thanks again!

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