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Method + Content = Results

Posted on January 03, 2007

By Gail Rae

Content and method are not only intertwined; they are inseparable. Information requires some form of media. But content must be defined prior to determining the best method for its presentation. For example, at a recent conference, the sponsors wanted to teach their audience about the importance of nutrition in the treatment of a disease. But when questioned, the real issue was not that their audience lacked information, but that they needed to develop and practice arguments to advocate for more funding. Form follows function; method follows objective. If you want to achieve your objectives:

• Define the content
• Identify appropriate methods
• Reframe the content more specifically
• Select methodologies that support the learning objectives

Plan to engage both the left and right brain; use pictures instead of words, music, poetry, dance, and symbolic activities. The right methods produce the desired results.


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