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A Stitch in Time Saves Nine (Holes)

Posted on March 09, 2007

By Rob Carey

Many meeting planners think of golf as an activity that necessarily eats up most of an entire day on the agenda. But that does not have to be the case.

In fact, half a traditional round—nine holes of golf—can be the perfect activity for when a group needs an early-morning or late-afternoon teambuilding activity, or simply a long lunch break. Because if you are going to bring a group to a resort, it is counterproductive to force attendees to look longingly out the meeting room windows, fretting that they have no time to stroll that beautiful golf course just a few steps away.

Starting the meeting at 7:30 and ending for the day at 3:00 allows about three hours for folks to play nine holes and still get to a reception and dinner. What’s more, the resort will love that you are sending golfers out at a time of day when the course is usually empty.

At least one resort that has created a specific plan for quick group jaunts onto the links. Omni ChampionsGate Resort in Orlando offers the “9 at 9” and “Sunset Swing” golf packages for meeting groups; “9 at 9” includes breakfast, nine holes of golf, and a roving teaching pro to give players tips as they move along the course. The “Sunset Swing” package offers lunch before the round, or a casual dinner after the round, in addition to the same golf amenities.

Other resorts would surely be amenable to creating a similar program if a planner requests.

Besides being able to satisfy your attendees’ golf cravings in fewer than three hours, a half-round of golf has the advantage of being a little more than half the cost of a full round.


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This article is very true. I'll have to start playing just 9 to save some precious work time :) Thanks

golf shop

Yeah it's actually quite strange to think how much time you really do waste playing 18. 9 is definately enough golf for one day!

michael jones

That is a great idea!Everybody loves golf and such a plan will be real pleasure.Thank you for that article!


Great site! I have bben surfing the net loking for good websites and bolgs to help get an idea of what people are doing! Good work and great information! Rob

Peter (Discounted Golf Equipment)

I believe that the meeting will be more productive because they know they will have fun after the meeting is over. great idea thanks rob


we started doing this at work. wasn't much of a team building exercise since half the staff didn't know how to play golf!

J. Cavell

Amen brother!!! I have been to many three day corporate meetings in my career and playing nine holes at 3:30 pm would have been the perfect answer for re-energizing tired minds.

Chase - golf fanatic

great idea, wish our meeting planners would make time for golf a priority as well!

Brian K

This is a great way to mix business with pleasure. I have made many a business deal on the golf course and 9 holes is plenty of time to get your pitch accross and have time to get back to the office

Callaway Irons

What a wonderful way to spend an afternoon, I need to tell our company about this. Our sales staff would love it!

Golf Balls

I do not know why people buy new golf balls. It is much cheaper to buy used golf balls. The average golfer would not see any difference whatsoever buying new balls

Austin Event Planners

Golfing has always been a great way to develop new business relationships. I need to get out there more though!

Nick Shaler

Is it the Indian's bow and arrow or the Indian's skill that matters?

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