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Innovative Tools to Brand Your Marketing Communication Experiences

Posted on March 02, 2007

Whether it is a product or a service, it’s imperative to research all the elements of the brand. This includes all design and promotional materials.  We must learn the details in order to create an accurate multi-layered experience.

No detail is too small as we attempt to capture the complete message from magazine ad to the final consumption of the product or service.  Our goal is to create a continuous flow.  Every exposure potential customers have to the brand should be informative, beautiful, sensual and consistent.


Once we learn the details of a brand, we deconstruct it into all of its individual parts.  This can include colors, textures, graphic elements or advertising media.  We then highlight these elements utilizing the latest technology to literally reassemble the brand into a virtual experience.

The Tools

Technology provides us with many exciting options to customize a marketing communication experience.  Visuals of the brand can be screen printed onto fabric, décor and food elements.  Images can be sandblasted or etched onto translucent or mirrored surfaces.  Fabric can be designed and woven with any custom detail.

Video provides many of the most exciting options.  Projection and flat screens can be incorporated into the design in innovative ways.  Placed intermittently around an event space they become moving décor.

Projectors are now manufactured within intelligent light fixtures (High End’s DL1 and DL2 are examples).  They allow for moving images to be pivoted and projected around the room.  Utilizing the latest media servers and programs, these fixtures can be combined into sequential moving images that can be wrapped around three-dimensional objects. Neutral set elements come alive with an infinite projected palette. (For photo examples:  www.timotart.com/portfolio/theorb)

Additionally, we take logo and package details and animate the graphics into video loops that play like a moving canvas.  Advertising and product/service documentary footage can be used in the same way.  As a bonus, these moving fixtures also break the light into multicolored, prismatic shards before the literal images ever hit a surface.

We further expand the kinetic effect by incorporating special effects to highlight the stages of the experience.  We utilize chilled fog as moving floors and laser grids as pulsing walls and ceilings.  We have even made ballrooms snow.

We separate, reassemble, support, and celebrate the individual components of the brand.  Thus we draw focus to how these elements come together to make the brand or service lasting and memorable.


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Deconstruction is a really useful tool. I'm always surprised at how effective it is.

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