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Start Each Day with the Proper Nutrients

Posted on March 21, 2007

By Sam Guiragossian

Eating a well-balanced meal is extremely important in maintaining a healthy lifestyle. In conjunction with regular physical activity, nutrition plays a key role in not only losing weight, but also in how we feel.   Starting each day with the proper nutrients is vital. 

For most people breakfast is probably the last thing on their mind, but studies have proven that it is the most important meal of the day.  Not only does it refuel your body, but it also jumpstarts your metabolism for the day.  Eating a healthy breakfast leads to a lifetime of health benefits, for example:

1.) Having greater strength and endurance.
2.) Enhancing the body’s ability to consume more essential vitamins and minerals, and in turn, decreasing fat and bad cholesterol.
3.) Improving mental concentration and productivity.
4.) Weight control.
5.)  Reducing the risk of heart disease by reducing cholesterol.

A healthy breakfast should consist of complex carbohydrates, proteins, and small amounts of fat.  Breakfast options should consist of one food item from each of the following food groups: fresh fruits and vegetables; grains such as whole grain cereals, low fat bran muffins, whole grain bagels, wheat/grain toast; dairy consisting of low-fat or skim milk, low fat yogurts, cottage cheese; and protein including protein powder, hard boiled eggs, lean meats, and poultry, salmon, peanut butter or tuna.

Keep in mind that by skipping breakfast you will feel ravenous by lunchtime and set yourself up to over eat in the afternoon.  Bypassing a well-balanced breakfast could cause you to over indulge in some high-fat mid-morning treats.  So remember to keep it simple and stay away from oversized breakfast sandwiches, sugary cereals and sodium-laced processed foods.

A mid-morning stretch is also a great way to begin your day.  Try the Lower Cervical/Upper Thoracic stretch.  Clasp both hands together in front of your body with arms fully extended.  Gently pull shoulder blades apart and bend your head forward.  Hold this position for 10 – 15 seconds and repeat three times.  As with all techniques, remember to stretch in a passive manner to achieve a mild and comfortable stretch.


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