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The Key to a Golf Course’s Heart: F&B

Posted on March 05, 2007

By Rob Carey

The newest hospitality report from HVS International finds that the food & beverage operations at 59 percent of public and private golf clubs run at a loss. And less than 10 percent actually make a profit.

This represents a great opportunity for you, as you plan this year’s client golf event or charity golf event with your company’s name on it, to negotiate like a hero. Here’s how: If you make it easy and not too costly for the course on the food and beverage side, you can negotiate to get better rates in other areas, such as greens fees, tournament scoring/services, club rental, etc.

For example, most golf events have a beverage cart that roams the course during play, and then a cocktail hour right after play ends, followed still by a sit-down or buffet dinner. So perhaps limit the choices of snacks and beverages you place on the course-bound carts, and make the cocktail hour and meal portion as simple or limited a buffet you can, in terms of types of food and number of staffers required to serve it.

In short, if you save golf courses money where they typically lose it, you will get better rates in other areas, and probably better service too.


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golf shop

Interesting theories, I'll have to take them into consideration on my own course.

Golden Tee Home Edition

Nice tip, thank you.

Golf Clubs

Interesting. Another idea would be to provide private labeled water with your company logo thus providing "free" water for the golf course and advertising for the sponsor. For more information click on "Golf Clubs" and email me.

Golf Clubs

This is a very good idea and will certainly help saving a bit of money in which nowadays every little bit helps

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