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The Job Search Economy

Posted on April 18, 2007

By Dawn Penfold

Market specialization is the key word in today's job market.  In reviewing our jobs for the past two years, I have seen more and more hiring officials looking for the perfect person.

20 years ago, even 10 years ago, the skill sets of a planner were transferable from industry to industry.  An association planner can do the work of a corporate planner - they just need to learn the nuances of the industry.  As well as a pharmaceutical planner  could do the work of a financial planner - again, just learn the buzz words of that industry.

Today, perhaps because everyone is stretched to the limit with work, or because the industries have become so litigious, hiring officials are hiring within their niche.  They want a person who is knowledgeable of their industries and have no need for training.

In the short run, this solves the immediate problem, someone to do the job with minimal training.

In the long run, this could have an impact on our industry.  Transferring of ideas could decrease, mentoring would go down the drain and each individual industry would start to just do the same thing with a slight twist here and there.

In a nutshell, things are looking great if you want to look in your own market segment.  The economy is good, jobs are there..however, be ready for rejection if you attempt to cross over into a new industry segment!


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Marlena Sheinbein

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Marlena Sheinbein.

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