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Will it Ever be About Me? Marketing Yourself Internally

Posted on April 15, 2007

By Dawn Penfold

Last week at an industry conference, I managed a round table discussion on "Marketing Yourself Internally".  The participants at these three round tables sessions were both supplier, planners  and independent business owners from entry level to senior 20+ year veterans.  The constant theme?  You can always learn how to better market yourself no matter where you are in your career and that it will always be an issue no matter where you are in your career.

The exchange of ideas brought about some helpful hints to assist you in getting noticed:

Make your self and expert and valuable. 
Your boss will do whatever it takes to keep you on board and protect you as long as you make him or her look good. Every single skill you learn, every single relationship you build makes you more valuable. 

Know how your boss evaluates success.
If your boss is a numbers cruncher, send them detailed reports showing your success in numbers.  If your boss is a relationship person, make sure your accomplishments are shown in the soft senses.

Ask for it.

Know what you want to do and ask your boss what it will take to get you there.  Then take action.

Understand Office Politics
No longer a white elephant in the office, it is real and should be watched.  Know who the movers and shakers are and watch them.  Find out why they are being successful and learn.


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