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The Need for Spa

Posted on May 14, 2007

By Rosemary Weiner

According to the ISPA (International Spa Association) 2006 SPA-GOER STUDY, roughly 32.2 million adults in the U.S. visited a spa in 2005. The top 3 reasons for visiting a spa were indulgence, escape, and self improvement.  The favorite types of spas visited were Day Spas (53%), Resort/Destination Spas (25%).  Cruise ship spas and medical spas came in at 8% and 6% respectively.

The Pink Report, another consumer trending researcher, reported in their March 2006 edition, when survey respondents were asked to identify their favorite stress reducers, 57% said that a long walk, hot bath, glass of wine or chocolate was their most common method to reduce stress.  The remaining 43% selected spa services as their favorite stress reducer, with Massage and Body treatments accounting for the number one choice, and Facials and Pedicures following close behind.  That research also indicated a consumer shift of thinking from a purely “physical” definition of beauty to now include a “feel good”, “take care”, and “general health” component to their spa visits.   

Another authoritative consumer researcher is Lifestyles of Health and Sustainability (LOHAS).  LOHAS publishes reports on five key market sectors which represent a $228.9 billion US market.  They include Sustainable Economy ($76.47 billion), Ecological Lifestyles ($81.19 billion), Healthy Lifestyles ($30 billion), Personal Development ($10.63 billion), and Alternative Healthcare ($30.7 billion). 

According to LOHAS, the core of the consumer sector is 66 million women. Their research indicates that today’s woman has a lifestyle that incorporates three elements, Health (Diet, Nutrition, Exercise), Beauty (Fashion, Style, Identity, Self Esteem, Well Being), and Balance (Life, Family, Career).  The research data also supports that they have a strong belief in and are driven by the interconnection of mind, body, and spirit.

The consensus amongst all three of these reputable researchers is that today’s consumer has developed a need for spa services not only for indulgence purposes and traditional beauty services, but also to take care of themselves, and balance their stressful lives.  For today’s consumer fighting stress has become a critical component of health, wellness, and beauty.  In that regard, spas have become integrated into their day to day lifestyle.  They not only visit Day Spas on a regular basis, but also will seek out a spa experience during their business travel and business conference obligations.

In conclusion, to feel better and look better, visit your local Day Spa on a regular basis.  When you’re away on business, seek out stress buster spa services offered by your hotel, resort or conference/meeting sponsor.  It doesn’t cost a lot or take much time to have a “stress buster” Chair Massage or a balancing Reflexology Service or a Shiatsu Energy balancing treatment.  All of these services provide maximum stress relief, in a short period of time, without having to take your clothes off or disrupt your business agenda.


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Joan Eisenstodt

My only request: a few spas or a section of a spa that is unscented, using unscented products. Aroma therapy may be 'in' but not for those of us w/ severe chemical sensitivities. We'd like to use spas too but can't.

Rosemary Weiner

Not all spas are "scented". If you call ahead, they will make sure that you will be guided through your experience without harm. In addition, most spas have unscented products. Don't be afraid to ask about the ingredients in products. Spa staff should be well versed in this area.

Grace at day spa

Day spas are stress busters; 32.2 million Americans can not be wrong.

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