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Items for Your On-site Management HOT List…

Posted on June 29, 2007

By Arlene Sheff, CMP

Lights, Camera, Action! It’s time to manage your meeting on-site. Your HOT On-site Management checklist is in hand, so you know everything will run like clockwork.

Here are some HOT on-site management items that you might want to add to your list.
1. Attend the pre-con (pre-convention) meeting to review final meeting details.
2. Do a walkthrough of the chairperson, meeting host or other VIPs rooms.
3. Review food and beverage guarantees and recheck daily.
4. Tape or lock down the meeting room doors to prevent a noise when opening/closing.
5. Pick up parking stickers/stamp.
6. Pick-up keys to rekeyed meeting space and distribute. Check back-of-house doors to make sure they are securely locked.
7. Distribute radios/walkie-talkies by tracking ID numbers and obtaining signatures.
8. Collect non-disclosure forms from production team, if applicable.
9. Obtain room service menus for staff meals prior to food service days.
10. Take action to prevent any individual who has consumed too much alcohol from driving; a hotel room may be needed.
11. Review ‘no show’ list daily and determine if it’s necessary to reinstate someone who may be delayed.
12. Review banquet checks daily.
13. Test all phone and fax lines before distributing numbers.
14. Check the lectern (many times called podium by mistake) light and provide room temperature water for speakers.
15. Test all audiovisual equipment.
16. Put out place cards, tent cards or reserved signs, where needed.
17. Make sure the ‘bladder’ on air walls (rubber at the bottom) is down.
18.  Locate the control switch for lights/music.
19. If purchasing soda, water, packaged snacks items ‘on consumption,’ verify count of left over items with banquet staff.
20. Contact AV or Engineering to unscrew the light bulb over the screen, if there is too much light on the screen
21. Do final walkthrough of meeting space to check for taped down cords, clean and pressed table linens, burned out light bulbs and squeaky doors, etc.
22. Confirm that all eligible comp rooms are being utilized.
23. Sweep meeting rooms immediately following sessions for items or confidential papers left behind.
24. Designate a specific place for meeting staff to write down ‘Lessons Learned’ throughout the meeting.
25. Check meeting rooms doors to make sure they are unlocked while meeting is in session.
26. Check the facility’s Reader Board/Function Board/Directory to confirm that meeting name, location & times are posted correctly.
27. Write housekeeping announcements which may include: location of emergency exits, location of restrooms, where to store luggage on last day (if meeting ends after check-out time), remind attendees to protect their possessions by not leaving them unattended, etc.
28. Drink water and eat protein throughout the day to maintain energy.
29. Keep your sense of humor!


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