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Dependently Independent-Part III

Posted on July 27, 2007

By James Montague

I’m sure we could sit and debate what relationships are most important to keep you independent.  I have suggested two but to be sure there are many, many others that would take hours to explore.  So what is really the most important thing to remember when wanting to remain independent?  (Oh, and happy.)

One very simple concept; put it all together!  Sure it’s great if you have a knowledgeable attorney, a shrewd accountant, and an investment person on speed dial but are they working against each other?  How can each know what the other is suggesting and how to best represent you in a holistic manner if they aren’t on the same page?  It seems like an odd concept in these hectic times but I promise you it will be time well spent. 

Sit’em down!  Yes all of them together and in one room!  And then you spend as much time as it takes telling them all, at the same time, what it is that you want from them and what your goals are.  The end result is going to be a team of people working together in unison to help you achieve your goals.  Instead of unknowingly sabotaging each other because they don’t have the full picture, YOUR full picture.

Which brings me to my last piece of advice; do YOU even know what your goals are?  I mean have you really sat down in a quiet place and written down your goals for you and your business?  It’s going to be impossible to have any unified direction among your team if you yourself don’t know the direction.  Seriously, write it down!  Putting it down on paper makes it much harder to ignore and gives it the actual weight of being a “plan of action.”  Certainly its going to change over time, any good plan does, so allow yourself to be flexible.  Just write it down and keep it up to date. 

Its pretty straight-forward really; how do you know you’ve arrived if you had no idea where you were going?


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Jim Ferris


Good stuff, you know I will follow your advise.


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