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I Practice What I Preach

Posted on July 20, 2007

By David Wood

Just so you know that I practice what I preach, here’s how I have blown up my own personal comfort zone over the years. It’s always a tad scary, but afterwards I’m happy I tried something different. Fours years ago I realized that I was bored with my life and unsure where I was headed. I now know I have a 10 year attention span. I had certainly never taken the normal path through the forest.

At twenty-two, I had dropped out of law school to move to Los Angeles and become a stand-up comedian. As I sure you can probably guess, my parents were thrilled! My gamble paid off over time as I was on The David Letterman Show a number of times. On one of those appearances, Dian Ross saw me and asked me to open for her at Caesars Palace. I was never a big star, but made a nice living and had got to do cool stuff. Then, I got bored.

Seeking change, in 1993 I moved to Seattle where I’d performed over the years and had grown to love the Pacific Northwest during those visits. Tired of telling jokes in night clubs, I started Right Brain Business Training there – an award winning company that made corporate training videos which are now sold worldwide. The company was successful, but after 10 years, boredom reared its ugly head once again. It was time for something new.

Seeking more change, I sold everything I owned in 2004 and traveled around-the-world for a year from the worlds southernmost to northernmost golf courses – Ushuaia, Argentina to Tromso, Norway. Over the course of 11 months, tens of thousands of miles, I traveled and golfed in every continent except Antarctica en route. 

Getting out of my comfort zone led to amazing stories and experiences. In addition to meeting scores of wonderful people worldwide, I also got lost, stranded, had food poisoning, altitude sickness, and was kicked out of the Ukraine at midnight in route to Russia. I got caught in the middle of a civil war in Nepal, trapped in violent uprisings by the peasants of Bolivia and accidentally met the notorious Carlos Menhem, the former President of Argentina, after a round of golf in Buenos Aries. It’s funny, but my travails hold a fonder spot in my memories my adventure. Adversity leads to growth (if you let it).

Upon return, I wrote my first book on that adventure and Around the World in 80 Rounds will be released by St. Martin’s Press in March of 2008. I now back to getting in front of audiences as I now give a keynote on my trip to business groups and association on getting out of comfort zones and challenging their inner adventurer. I’m sure I’ll keep going down this road for a time. But as I now know, boredom will set in and then I’ll try….who knows what.


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