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Samantha Brown Rocks

Posted on August 17, 2007

By Eli Gorin, CMP

In my last post I talked about how TV news creates perceptions that people have locked in their minds about the dangers of even stepping outside of one’s home, let alone going to another country.  That is why people like Samantha Brown, the hostess with the mostess from the Travel Channel, to put it simply, rocks.  I was relaxing yesterday after a very long day of work and was happy to see her most recent program, Passport to Latin America, on television.  I loved watching Great Hotels because she gave great insight into some of the most famous hotels around the world.  She then had some love affair with Hawaii and it seems like she never left the Aloha State.  She then did all of Europe, and so I was eager to see what she came up with for Passport to Latin America.  And she has done the region justice.

Last night’s episodes were on Mexico City and Sao Paulo. I have been to Mexico City, and will be going to Sao Paulo soon… and the information provided in the show is so helpful that I am now very excited to head to Sao Paulo (more than before) and cannot wait to return to Mexico City!  Along with Passport to Latin America, another great show on Travel Channel is 5 Takes: Latin America, where 5 everyday people are given a chance to visit a country and are recommended locations to visit in each country by the viewers.  Some people may call those shows pure paid advertisement, but I say who cares??  They are showing the ins and outs of the cities and give very practical tips and show people things they never knew existed.  I pride myself on knowing about Latin America, but there are things on those shows which I had no clue about. 

I recommend those of you with TiVo’s and digital cable to go to the Travel Channel and look up these great shows and put them on your wish list.  If you are looking to research locations, the websites for these shows offer great information on locations you may have never even heard of.  Other shows which have given other POV’s of Latin America include Anthony Bourdain’s No Reservations (great food finds), and if you are feeling really adventurous, Andrew Zimmern’s Bizarre Foods (freaky food finds).

Oh and once you are done learning everything there is to know about Latin America thanks to our friends at the Travel Channel… don’t forget to check out Shark Week.


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It's amazing what you can learn from Samantha. It's like a site inspection without the walking. I've found venues that the locals frequent that I may not have found without Samantha.


i heard samantha brown has diedis this true saw her name on youtube.com:( it was so funny watching her grab the giant crabs i love your gloves samantha look beautiful on you

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