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What's so Good About "Give Back" Activities?

Posted on August 01, 2007

By Alan Ranzer

As stated in my previous post, corporations act socially responsible more frequently these days. Now, rather than simply announcing at an incentive awards dinner that the company will be writing a check to refurbish an orphanage, they’re getting out to the site of the orphanage and refurbishing it themselves! These types of activities, in which meeting planners are taking time to plan ways to give back to the community while off-site at wonderful destinations around the world, are becoming more and more frequently implemented. The main reason is this: companies no longer want to simply show up at a hotel/resort, have their meeting, pay their bill, and leave. Taking part in a community service activity allows a company to leave something behind; a permanent reminder of their presence and of what was important to them while they were there.

Here is an incomplete list of why these activities are so important:

1) First and foremost, they give back to people/communities/organizations in need.
2) They achieve corporate goals and objectives. Activities that are planned correctly can integrate business objectives central to the reason the group has come together, such as improved communication, cohesiveness, leadership development, brainstorming, etc.
3) A community service activity highlights an important part of a company’s corporate culture.
4) Deep down, people want to give back because they feel good about doing it. A community service project offered by an employer gives employees the opportunity go out and give back without having to source their own cause. Now that’s a company that cares!
5) It looks good for corporation. Community service is great PR.
6) Finally, to steal a catchy line from Mastercard, the feeling of giving back is “priceless”.


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