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Communicating with Generation X

Posted on October 02, 2007

By Ann Fishman

Today, we’re going to talk about communicating information about meetings to the younger generations, particularly Generation X, ages 26 to 46.

Xers think differently.  They think in text-messaging format – short, very short, efficient copy.  Meeting planners can take a lesson from savvy advertisers who speak to Xers in their language format.  For example, Chase Bank in New York City is currently responding to Gen X’s need for short, efficient copy.  Chase is promoting their loans with large signs in branch windows that read “GT$FSTR” followed by a smiley face emoticon.  To Gen X, that reads “Get Money Faster ”.
That may be too short for your needs, but can you use short efficient formatting in your world?  Why not?

When trying to connect with Gen Xers through your website, here are a few things to avoid:
-Avoid the need to scroll.  Xers hate scrolling.
-Avoid creating web pages with too much text.  Just use very few words that say it clearly and simply.

Here are a few more tips when communicating through your website:
-Be sure to avoid risking your Xer audience by duplicating links, using the same links on the left side and again at the top.
-and avoid illogical placement of information.  It drives Xers crazy because they are so logical.

If you have any doubts about how your website shapes up for potential Xer meeting attendees, have your Gen X employees analyze your website.  They’ll clean it up in a hurry.  The whole idea here is – Gen Xers do respond to communication that understands their uniqueness, their way of receiving and processing information.


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