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Individuals Vs. Team Players

Posted on October 04, 2007

By Ann Fishman

Today, I’d like to draw a sharp contrast between Gen Xers (26-46) and Gen Ys (7-25). 
Xers are highly individualistic and Gen Ys are team players.  Why? 

Gen Xers were children of divorce, one-parent families, often both parents working.  Xers were forced to become self-reliant and practical.  They became accustomed to clothing, feeding and minding themselves, even doing the family shopping.  So, they don’t like to be lumped in a group because they have strong individual needs and a desire to be respected for their own way of doing things.

Gen Ys are team players.  The team player concept is very strong with Generation Y.  They are accustomed to team teaching, team grading, team sports.  The list goes on and on.  Gen Ys are team players and want to feel connected.

These generational characteristics (Gen Xers are individualistic; Gen Ys are team players) are critical for meeting planners to pay attention to.  As meeting attendees become more and more a mix of these two generations, meeting planners need to make sure that activities, entertainment and education offer enough variety to delight the highly-individualistic Xers and the team-oriented Gen Ys.


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