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What Xers Expect from Meeting Planners

Posted on October 03, 2007

By Ann Fishman

Moving on now to more information about what Xers expect from meeting planners…

Here’s an important fact.  Gen X grew up in front of TV, watching Sesame Street, playing with computers as kids, then they moved on to jobs working with computers.  So, they are greatly affected by visual stimulation.

That means, every marketing effort to Xers should be highly-visual.  And, again, copy should be short, very short.  No matter what your promotional effort might be, effective, inviting visuals are a must.

On your website today, consider the use of unexpected, non-traditional visuals.

Think visual when designing your invitation to attend a conference or a meeting.
Think visual in follow-up promotions.
Think visual in all aspects of your meeting planning – from food to booths to handouts – and everything in-between.

Many businesses are using the old postcard with a new twist.  There’s a whole new breed of these today-kind of advertising postcards, featuring simple, yet knock-your-socks-off visuals.  Usually, these postcards feature a splashy picture on the front and only the name of a business and its website address on the back.  After all, it is to be used as a postcard.  The marketing purpose of these new-style postcards is to catch the eye of Gen X and invite Xers to visit the company’s website.

Getting any ideas?


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