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How To Reply To A Job

Posted on November 30, 2007

By Dawn Penefold

An email came across my desk yesterday from a hiring official who had posted a job up on our job board. She asked if the ad could be taken down since they had filled the position and she realized it was on the board since a candidate stopped by in person to her office with a resume. Knowing that this was quite odd I inquired to learn more.  Not only did the candidate stop by, but she had her mother with her.

When responding to a job, respond only according to the directions in the ad.  Never drop it off in person or call (unless you have a very close business relationship with the hiring official - and even then, it can be deemed unprofessional).  I know that many of you are trying to stand out from the others in this tough job market, but make sure you stand out in a professional manner, not one that marks you as too forward, unprofessional or desperate!

If you must stop by (but please don't), never, never bring your mother along.


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