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Ready Set Serve: Seven Ways to Make Dinner Events Run Like Clockwork

May 05, 2008

By Michael Green

What’s the most valuable thing you and your clients have? Time!

And no one wants to waste it sitting through another painfully long rubber-chicken dinner that drags on endlessly because of an unrealistic timeline, lack of staffing, too many courses, or a lack of understanding of the group dynamic.

These interminable events only leave guests waiting to go back to their hotel or race home to pay the babysitter. Here are a few time tips to effectively manage an event, keep your guests engaged from beginning to end, and leave them wanting more.

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Put A Cork In It: Six Wine Myths Debunked

May 02, 2008

By Michael Green

In the last few years, America has embraced wine with a passion, though some persistent wine myths still prohibit many event planners from making educated, informed wine selections. With the right wine facts though, you can impress clients and guests, branding yourself through unexpectedly delicious wines. Here are six wine myths that need debunking:

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