Green Tips for Décor and Rental Professionals

December 13, 2007

By Lori Hill

When using décor items for meetings/events, remember to choose environmentally friendly options and minimize or eliminate waste by choosing products that are biodegradable or recyclable. 

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Going Green To Do List

December 12, 2007

By Lori Hill

The first question that most clients will ask when you suggest going green is, “How much will it cost?”  In many instances, it will save you money such as reduced costs for printing handouts and creating less signs.  You can also stress to clients that it is the socially responsible thing to do.


Green can also be a selling point when promoting your event to the media (be sure to list all of your green initiatives in your press release!). Finally, depending on the nature of the event, a green event can be a natural fit (e.g. my children’s music festival is a natural fit for a green event since we need to ensure that we leave a nice Earth behind for our kids!).


When planning meetings and events for clients, I’m now encouraging them to go green with their venue and menu selections, among other things ISES (International Special Events Society) is instituting green initiatives for its annual conference held each August. 

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Green Practices for Meeting and Event Planners

December 11, 2007

By Lori Hill

For decades I’ve been known as a recycling queen and I consider myself an environmentalist. In fact, in less than one week, I’m jumping into the icy Chesapeake Bay for a cause I am extremely passionate about: the fight against global warming. 

In one way or another, I believe we all need to be concerned about the earth.

I’ve witnessed the tons of waste in the meeting and event industry, so I’m on a mission, along with many others, to make us greener! 

So what are some basic things that we can do as meeting and event professionals? 

Use recycled items and recycle everything from paper, signs and name badges to the obvious cans, bottles and newspapers.

Train your clean-up crews to sort out recyclable and reusable items from the leftover waste and if the venue doesn’t recycle, collect it yourself and reuse and recycle it. 

Don’t take NO for an answer.  During initial conversations with a venue for a children’s music festival I produced in June, I was told that it was just “too complicated” to recycle since attendees rarely took advantage of the containers or used them improperly. I convinced the venue to provide the containers in exchange for us taking three steps to ensure that the containers were used correctly:

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